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Roy Chaffin, Wildlife Artist

Agora Gallery, Soho, New York. Agora gallery is a contemporary art gallery - located in Soho, New York City, in the hub of gallery buildings and museums. Provides art-consulting services to private and corporate collectors. Artist portfolios are accepted for review.


The Suffolk Punch Trust :
Trust Objectives:

  • to expand the work of the Colony Stud as a breeding centre of excellence for the Suffolk Punch Horse.
  • to improve the facilities so that more horses can be kept at the Stud.
  • to work with the Suffolk Horse Society and horse owners to safeguard the genetics of the breed.
  • to continue to provide work opportunities and rehabilitation benefits for prison inmates through working with horses, on-site employment and other rural craft skills education.
  • to provide the public (all age groups) with environmental, conservation and heritage education in association with other conservation bodies, academia, museums and related operations.
  • to create an educational heritage centre which will relate the history of the Suffolk Punch to the history of agriculture in East Anglia, East Anglian history generally and demonstrate the link between past and present day practices.
  • to operate a visitor attraction which will allow the public to see the horses and other rare Suffolk breeds (e.g. Suffolk sheep, Red Poll cattle and the Large Black Pig) and take advantage of the educational facilities available
  • to support the regional economy by providing jobs and enhancing eco-tourism.

Save The Tiger Fund :
Everything you need to know about the five sub-species of this magnificent cat. This Web Site was created to provide the public, scientific, and conservation communities with an international forum for exchanging information relevant to the preservation of wild tigers across Asia and in zoos world-wide.

The International Snow Leopard Trust:
The International Snow Leopard Trust (ISLT) is dedicated to the conservation of the endangered snow leopard and its mountain ecosystem through a balanced approach that considers the needs of the people and the environment.

The Born Free Foundation:
Aims to stop cruelty, especially to captive wild animals; to conserve wild animals in their natural habitat and to ensure the long-term survival of species while recognising the needs of people.

Defenders of Wildlife:
Dedicated to the protection of all native wild animals and plants in their natural communities. The programs focus on what scientists consider are two of the most serious environmental threats to the planet: the accelerating rate of extinction of species and the associated loss of biological diversity, and habitat alteration and destruction.

The International Fund for Animal Welfare:
Founded in 1969 to stop the cruel commercial slaughter of harp and hood seals. Since then, it has expanded its campaigns to embrace all animals and has been recognised as "one of the most effective organisations for animal welfare in the world."

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society:
Since its founding in 1977, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has been active world-wide, directly intervening in illegal fishing and whaling operations. The Society is also involved with the enforcement of international laws, regulations and treaties when there is no enforcement by national governments or international regulatory organisations due to absence of jurisdiction or lack of political will. Sea Shepherd is the only organisation that actively enforces the International Whaling Commission ban on whaling.

The Worldwide Fund for Nature:
Known worldwide by its panda logo, WWF is the world's largest and most experienced independentconservation organisation with 4.7 million supporters and a global network active in some 100 countries. WWF's mission is to protect nature and the biological diversity that we all need to survive.

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Earthwatch Institute is an international non-profit organisation which supports scientific field research world-wide to improve our understanding and management of the Earth. The Institute's mission is to promote sustainable conservation of our natural resources and cultural heritage by creating partnerships between scientists, educators, and the general public. Through the participation of volunteers in field research, Earthwatch helps scientists gather vital data that empowers individuals and governments to act wisely as global citizens.

The Evening Star:
The latest news in Suffolk from the Evening Newspaper of the Year.